How to create a location on Instagram: A comprehensive Guide 2023

Instagram is a crucial platform for businesses and influencers alike. Among its numerous features, geotagging is a significant, yet underutilized one. Let’s dive in to understand geotagging and how it can revolutionize your Instagram presence. In this article, we will learn How to create a location on Instagram and use it effectively for Marketing in the world of today.

Geotagging: A Brief Introduction

A geotag is a geographical tag, a digital marker pinning a location using GPS technology. This tag includes latitude and longitude coordinates, which when applied, reveals the exact position of a place on a map. Thus, when someone performs a location-based search, the tagged label appears, providing an instantaneous geographical context to the content.

Location and GeoTagging: An Influential Tool on Instagram


You might have noticed posts on Instagram having a location mentioned above the image, or maybe you’ve seen photos from a particular event and felt intrigued. Therein lies the power of geotagging.

When users tag locations, they are not just sharing their whereabouts; they are also indirectly marketing the place. This organic promotion plays a significant role for businesses. For instance, a concert venue gains visibility when attendees tag the location in their posts or stories. Similarly, a store can benefit from increased brand recognition when customers check in and share their location on Instagram.

Besides benefiting from user-generated content, businesses can also add their location to their corporate profiles. Instagram offers a search function for locations, a tool that assists in finding places nearby. This feature can attract people who are in the vicinity, thereby facilitating immediate conversion. It’s an opportunity for both small local businesses and large companies to draw in potential customers who are already nearby.

How to Create a Location on Instagram

To create a location on Instagram, one needs to create a location on Facebook first, owing to the intertwined relationship between these two platforms. Once the location is active on Instagram, it can be added to posts, stories, and the profile’s bio. Users can also edit or remove the location of a post.


Time needed: 20 minutes.

Instagram’s geotagging feature is a powerful tool for businesses and individuals alike. It allows users to tag specific locations in their posts and stories, enhancing the visibility and reach of their content. But how can you create a location on Instagram? This article provides a detailed, step-by-step guide to creating and utilizing locations on Instagram, based on the symbiotic relationship between Instagram and its parent company, Facebook.

  1. Create a Location on Facebook

    Log into Facebook, go to the home screen, and click on the ellipsis icon (…). Select the ‘check-in’ option and type the name of your location. If it doesn’t exist, you’ll have the option to ‘add a new location’. Choose a category, define the location, and add the necessary details.

  2. Activate the Location on Instagram

    After a few days, log into Instagram, go to the ‘explore’ tab, and select ‘locations’ in the search bar. Type in your new location to make sure it’s active.

  3. Use the Location on Instagram

    When creating a new Instagram post, click on ‘add location’ and select your new location before sharing the post.

  4. Edit or Remove the Location

    To modify the location on an existing post, go to your profile and select the post. Click on the ellipsis icon and then ‘edit’. Click on the old location, then ‘change location’ or ‘remove location’ as needed.

Here are the minor details listed for the whole Process:

Create a Location on Facebook

To create a location on Instagram, we first need to create one on Facebook. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account on your computer, smartphone, or other mobile device.
  2. On your home screen, look for an ellipsis icon (…) just below the message “What’s on your mind?”. Click on it.
  3. New sharing options will appear. Click on the “check-in” button.
  4. Type the name of the desired location. If it’s a new name, an option to “add a new location” will appear. You can also select the option “I’m here now”, if you have the GPS signal turned on.
  5. Select a category for the business. In some cases, an even more specific category may be requested.
  6. Define the exact location of the business or click on “I am here now” if you are at the location.
  7. Complete the registration with the requested information and insert an image to represent the business.

Activate the Location on Instagram

Once you’ve created your location on Facebook, it’s time to activate it on Instagram. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Instagram.
  2. Go to the “explore” tab, represented by the magnifying glass icon in the lower-left corner of the application.
  3. Click on the search bar.
  4. Below, select the option “locations”.
  5. Enter the locale you created and make sure it is active. This may take a few days, so check back after a while.

Use the Location on Instagram

Now that your location is active, it’s time to use it in your Instagram posts:

  1. Create a regular post in photo, video, or carousel format.
  2. Choose the filter and click “next”.
  3. On the next screen, you can write the caption, tag people, or share the post on other social networks. To use the new location, click on “add location”.
  4. Select the desired location.
  5. Click on “share”.

Additional Tips: Editing and Removing Locations from Instagram

Instagram also allows you to edit or remove the location of your posts. Here’s how you can do it:

  • For editing a location:
  1. Access the “profile” tab, and select the photo you want to edit the location for.
  2. With the post open, click on the ellipsis symbol in the top right corner of the post.
  3. Click on “edit”.
  4. Click on the old location. If there is no previous location, you will see the “add location” option.
  5. Choose the “change location” option and select a new one.
  • For removing a location:
  1. Follow the same steps as above until step 4.
  2. Choose the “remove location” option.

By following this guide, you can effectively create, utilize, and manage locations on Instagram. Remember, a geotagging feature is a potent tool for businesses and influencers, offering a unique way to engage with followers, reach new audiences, and provide more context to your posts. Happy geotagging!

Leveraging Location on Instagram for Effective Marketing

Leveraging Location on Instagram for Effective Marketing

In an era of digital marketing, Instagram has emerged as a critical platform for businesses to reach their target audience. One powerful feature of Instagram, often overlooked, is geotagging. By tagging specific locations in their posts and stories, businesses can significantly enhance the visibility and reach of their content. This article will delve into how businesses can leverage the Instagram geotagging feature for successful marketing.

Embrace the Power of Instagram Stories and Stickers

Instagram Stories, with content that disappears after 24 hours, has changed the way users interact with the platform. Businesses can make the most of this by using geotagged stickers in their Stories. When a user clicks on a geotagged sticker, they are redirected to more information about the location, including posts and Stories from other users who have checked in at the same place. This allows businesses to reach a broader audience, generate greater engagement, and effectively promote their brand.

Encourage User Interaction

One of the best ways to amplify the reach of your geotag is by encouraging customers to use it. Businesses can offer incentives such as discounts, freebies, or special offers to customers who share images or posts tagged with their location. This user-generated content not only drives engagement but also boosts brand visibility and authenticity.

Host Location-Specific Events

Creating unique geotags for specific events or promotions is a great way to generate buzz and attract attention. Whether it’s a concert, a special sale, or a product launch, a dedicated geotag can add an element of exclusivity and urgency that encourages users to engage with the event and share their experiences.

Monitor Your Geotag

Businesses should regularly monitor their geotag to track engagement, gather user feedback, and interact with their audience. This not only helps maintain a strong online presence but also enables businesses to identify trends, spot opportunities, and address any potential issues swiftly.

Integrate Online and Offline Experiences

In the world of digital marketing, bridging the gap between online and offline experiences is crucial. Businesses can use their physical space to promote their digital presence. For example, remind customers to geotag their posts with visual cues around your location or create photo-friendly spots that encourage customers to take pictures and share them on Instagram.

Optimize Your Instagram Bio

The Instagram bio is the first thing users see when they visit your profile. Including your location in the bio can make it easier for customers to find your business. It also sends a signal to Instagram’s algorithm about your location, potentially boosting your visibility to local users.

Keep Your Content Fresh

Regularly posting geotagged content not only signals to your followers that you’re active but also gives them a glimpse of what they can expect when they visit your location. This can include images of the environment, products, employees, or even happy customers.

Execute Flash Sales or Time-Bound Offers

One exciting way to use Instagram geotagging for marketing is through time-bound promotions or flash sales. A limited-time offer, announced via a geotagged Instagram Story, can create a sense of urgency and prompt immediate action from your followers.

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using location on Instagram

In conclusion, Instagram’s geotagging feature provides a powerful tool for businesses and individuals alike, enabling them to share and explore locations in a dynamic, interactive manner. From creating a location to utilizing geotags in various ways, this feature adds a new dimension to your Instagram presence. Leveraging it effectively can result in increased visibility, customer engagement, and even foot traffic to your physical locations. It’s an essential part of a well-rounded Instagram strategy, allowing for a more localized, personalized, and contextual experience on the platform. Whether you’re a small business owner, a marketer, or an avid Instagram user, understanding and using geotags can significantly enhance your Instagram experience and effectiveness.

FAQs related to Location on Instagram

What is geotagging on Instagram and why is it important?

Geotagging on Instagram allows users to add a location to their posts, stories, and even their profile. It’s a crucial feature for businesses as it can enhance visibility, promote physical locations, and help attract a local audience.

How can I create a new location on Instagram?

To create a new location, you need to do so through Facebook, Instagram’s sister platform. Once created on Facebook, the location should be available to use on Instagram within a few days.

How can I use Instagram’s geotagging feature for marketing?

There are several ways to use geotagging for marketing, including encouraging customers to use your geotag, creating unique geotags for events, monitoring your geotag for engagement, integrating online and offline experiences, optimizing your Instagram bio, regularly posting geotagged content, and executing time-bound offers or flash sales.

How can I add or edit the location of an existing Instagram post?

You can add or edit the location of an existing Instagram post by selecting the post, clicking on the ellipsis symbol in the top right corner, selecting ‘edit’, and then choosing either ‘add location’ or ‘change location’.

Can I use geotagging in Instagram Stories for marketing purposes?

Yes, geotagging can be used in Instagram Stories to boost visibility and engagement. You can add a location sticker to your story, and when users click on it, they can see more information about the location, including other stories and posts tagged at the same place. This can be particularly useful for promoting events or limited-time promotions.

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